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Our Philosophy

We approach every relationship by listening and learning, seeking to understand a partner’s vision and how we can leverage community-driven impact to meet our mission.

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We are inspired by the dedication of our grantees, fellows and community partners who are generating impactful solutions for a more peaceful and sustainable region and world.

Kathleen Simpson, Chief Executive Officer

Community-Centered Philanthropy

The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) approaches all forms of giving – responsive grantmaking, programs we operate, special initiatives, and impact investments – from the same lens: first as lifelong learners and second as humble stewards of the resources we invest into the larger community.

Listening and Learning

TRFF was founded by a family that values the continual pursuit of knowledge and empathetic understanding in the effort to do good. We see value in making sure every voice is heard and respected and we seek to work collaboratively, as true partners, with those we fund and work with. We approach new challenges with a beginner’s mind, and openly admit that we aren’t the experts. Rather, we look to community influencers and servant leaders who have deep experience with the issues, to teach us, show us their vision for change and allow us to help them develop sustainable solutions.

An Asset-Based Approach

We believe in approaching challenges with an asset-based mindset. Meaning, when we begin working with a community, program or partner, we look at the inherent assets that already exist and strive to leverage from there. We enter relationships with the same perspective, ready to listen, support and create a space where our partners have the resources necessary to put their strengths and skills to work to enhance our communities.

Investing In People

We know that projects, policies and programs might come and go; but changes driven by community, firmly owned and rooted there, have a fighting chance. Community members and leaders are the front lines of our work and without them, our mission cannot be achieved. It is our privilege to acknowledge, honor and support their work.

Photo Credit: Jefferson Mok

Stewardship Across All Our Resources

Beyond grant-making, we apply a mission-based model to all aspects of the foundation’s work. Our portfolio of financial investments, social capital, ability to convene, etc., all represent viable tools that we can put to work for greater impact. The foundation’s endowment tells a story of giving as we strive to put as many assets as possible toward sustainable community change.