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Necashaw Montgomery

Program Manager

Necashaw is a Program Manager at The Russell Family Foundation, where they support the continued commitment of the Jane’s Fellowship Program to grassroots development and leadership. In their career, they have sought to dismantle the illusions of assumption and to encourage curiosity. They have worked to end domestic violence with the YWCA and to end homelessness, especially among those most impacted (youth, LGBTQ people and African Americans), as a Program Manager for Associated Ministries. The emotional toll and demand of this work increased Necashaw’s commitment to ensuring that grassroots and community leaders, who often do not have the fiscal support of an institution, are resourced for sustainability in their community work. As a volunteer, Necashaw teaches yoga to communities who do not have access and spends her time deepening relationships across generations in their family and among their neighbors. Necashaw is also a graduate of the Jane’s Fellowship Program.

Under duress we do not rise to our expectations but fall to our level of training.

~Bruce Lee