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Jane’s Fellowship Program Graduates: Snapshots In Leadership

The Russell Family Foundation is recruiting leaders through Friday July 2, 2021 to apply for our next cohort of Jane’s Fellowship Program.

Jane’s Fellowship Program (JFP) engages leaders who are actively serving in Pierce County and are interested in expanding their skills, broadening their networks, and exchanging perspectives with other local leaders. The program offers skills training, experiential learning, and personal development in a supportive cohort setting. Many local leaders enter this program with a zest for life and a passion for serving their community but are seeking a safe, welcoming space where they can develop their skill set to better serve the Pierce County region.

Upon graduation, fellows share that they have broadened their self-awareness, developed confidence in themselves and their work and often have created lifelong connections and friendships within their cohort. Below are quotes and snapshots in leadership of just a few JFP graduates from over the years.

If you are interested in joining Jane’s Fellowship Program Class 9, applications are due by Friday, July 2, 2021 and can be found here.

Denice Randle, Class 4: Denice Randle explains that JFP “is about taking your passion to the next level by providing you effective ways to think about needs while equipping you with strategies that will literally last a lifetime.” Denice now serves her community as executive director of Peace Community Center, a nonprofit providing pathways of service to students from elementary school to college and career.

Grayson Crane, Class 7: Grayson Crane farms and runs Pink Moon Farm, a sustainable farm in Eatonville, Wash that combines vegetable and animal production to feed and build community. Grayson works to break barriers in the farming community as an out, queer and transgender farmer. They use sustainable and collaborative growing practices to feed community and the region in a way that nurtures and gives back to the land. Their philosophy focuses on capacity-building, mentorship and sharing resources within the community. Following graduation from Class 7, Grayson has continued their engagement with JFP as a facilitator for fellowship dialogues and retreats.

Dionne Bonner, Class 8: Class 8 graduate Dionne Bonner is a visual artist and graphic designer who works for Bates Technical College and owns a small business, Vibrant Creations. Bonner uses art as a catalyst to open dialogue and reflection. A current project of Bonner’s includes applying her talents through murals and art to activate a city block undergoing a community-led redevelopment in Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood.

Alison Powell, Class 8: Now director of family and housing services with Tacoma Rescue Mission, Class 8 Graduate Alison Powell took risks throughout her fellowship experience, that have guided her into her leadership role today. Alison currently helps families in Pierce County move into permanent housing in the midst of the pandemic. In these unpredictable times, she says what is needed most is “additional support to help families and individuals access opportunities for housing, employment and other resources.”

The Russell Family Foundation is honored to have supported 87 Jane’s Fellowship Program graduates in their leadership journeys and to see the continued ripple effect of their dedicated community work in Pierce County and beyond.

Know someone who might be a good fit for the Jane’s Fellowship Program? Send them our way and let them know applications for Class 9 are due by Friday, July 2, 2021. For more information, see our Jane’s Fellowship Program page.