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Jane’s Fellowship Program: Where Are They Now

In 2004, The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) launched Jane’s Fellowship Program (JFP) to support the leadership development and capacity-building of grassroots leaders in Pierce County. The JFP Graduate Network consist of 87 fellows from 8 classes that have participated in the program, and class 9 is underway.  JFP engages leaders who are interested in expanding their skills, broadening their networks and exchanging perspectives with other local leaders. Recently TRFF caught up with a few JFP graduates to highlight the diverse group of leaders who have been through the program and where their journey has taken them post-fellowship.

This interview has been edited for clarity.


Eve Bowen, Class 3

Eve Bowen.

What city do you live in?

University Place, WA

What community work are you invested in right now and what are its intended impacts?

For sixteen years, I have been a member of the social justice group, The Conversation and the Race and Pedagogy Institute at the University of Puget Sound. Both organizations focus on racial and social justice related to police accountability and advocating for people with mental health and substance use disorders.


How has your community work evolved since you participated in the fellowship?

Clarity of focus is how I’ve become more effective within my role as an advocate for racial and social justice.


What would you tell someone interested in applying for the fellowship?

I would tell a person to come to the application process with a passion for change already in place. Come with an open mind to be challenged and be prepared to be engaged to learn.


How would you describe your experience with JFP using 3 words?

Agency. Authenticity. Networking.