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Presenting The Russell Family Foundation’s 2019 Year in Review

We are proud to share with you The Russell Family Foundation’s 2019 Year in Review.

Our 20th year in operation, 2019 was a year of transition, including the departure of our longtime CEO. At the same time, it was a year of sustained commitment to the many people, places and partners we’ve collaborated with over these past two decades.

In this Year in Review, you will find highlights of the community-centered, place-based impact we are so honored to support throughout Puget Sound. From the Jane’s Fellowship Program Class 8’s three-day retreat engaging on systemic issues impacting communities and grassroots leaders, to the Nisqually Tribe’s program to educate youth on shoreline habitats and their efforts to clean up and preserve them, we’ve seen so much to inspire us over the last year.

As we look back on our progress, we also look forward to building upon the lessons we’ve learned, moving toward the most impactful solutions for a more peaceful and sustainable region and world. Our collective work is not done. Here’s to of many years ahead of listening, learning, and supporting community-centered change.