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Presenting The Russell Family Foundation’s 2020 Year-in-Review

We are proud to share with you The Russell Family Foundation’s 2020 Year-in-Review. 

While 2020 was one of the most challenging years we have faced yet, amidst the tragedy, frustration and hardship there was also an opportunity for growth, humility and learning. During a global pandemic, we saw our partners overcome significant obstacles to flex their creative muscles and move quickly to meet the changing need of our community.

In this Year-in-Review, you will find highlights of the community-centered, place-based impact we are so honored to support throughout Puget Sound.

Although the problems that faced us in 2020 are far from over, we remain optimistic knowing that our community will continue to be resilient, nimble and hardworking.

We express our deepest admiration for and appreciation to our grantees, community partners and loved ones for your patience, inspiring work and humility as we chart these new waters together.

Special thanks to the grantees, partners and individuals who contributed stories, quotes and photography to our 2020 Year-in-Review, including: