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Thierry Ruboneka

Class 9

Thierry is the community engagement coordinator for Tacoma Refugee Choir, a peace advocate and entrepreneur. He moved to the United States in 2016 with his family as refugees after spending many years away from their home country, Democratic Republic of Congo, which was torn apart by war. He studied multimedia while a refugee in Uganda and went on to manage one of the most successful digital music startups in Africa. He has over seven years of experience in administration, business development and management and has a passion for music and culture. After arriving in the United States, he has worked with organizations for refugee services and resettlement and worked with Uganda North America Association to bring the first beauty pageant, Miss Uganda North America, to Washington. Thierry is a self-described feminist and is developing as a facilitator of conversations around race and immigrant lived experiences. He speaks five languages fluently and is passionate about promoting African culture and lifestyle.