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Investing Together for Impact

Canopy launched in 2015 to do the pioneering work of developing a community investing ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. While the initial scope of the project was broader, Canopy was redesigned in 2018 to focus on its most promising elements: strengthening the collaborative regional network among impact investors; and curating learning experiences in place-based investing.

In its recast form, Canopy lifts up the impact investing ecosystem in these neighboring regions through a community of practice. Canopy remains committed to values of the common good; transparency, shared learning, and community-driven outcomes in place-based investing. We believe this builds the platform to deploy capital in more meaningful ways, which ultimately contributes to the larger impact investing community.

Canopy History

Launched in 2015, the Canopy Project was initially designed to build the social and economic infrastructure needed to align capital markets with regional economic development in the Pacific Northwest. Canopy had ambitious plans and within a year, the team successfully built capacity for the impact investment community. Unfortunately, those early accomplishments did not translate into enough new members at the pace needed to cover the infrastructure costs necessary to grow at scale.

To better understand the Canopy Project’s origins, as well as the early lessons learned from both successes and missteps, here is a published case study of the challenges of growing too quickly.

Canopy Members