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Jane’s Fellowship

Supporting Grassroots Leaders to Make a Difference

Jane’s Fellowship Program engages grassroots leaders, actively serving Pierce County, who are interested in expanding their skills, broadening their networks and exchanging perspectives with other local leaders.

This leadership program offers skills training, experiential learning and personal development in a supportive cohort setting. Topics include exploring your mission and role as a leader, working effectively in the community, connecting your work to a wider context and preparing for the future. The curriculum is grounded in self-awareness, community engagement, and social/racial equity.

Upon completing the program, leaders are invited to join a graduate network, to continue their leadership journey and community work within a system of ongoing support.

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Year Established
Leaders Fellows


Grassroots Leaders
Support Leaders 2


In Stipend and Grant Support

This program is for people who live in Pierce County, care about their communities, and are willing to lead for the common good. Individuals must apply and be selected through a process which includes an application and interviews. Selected leaders enroll in a 12-month fellowship program. There is no monetary cost to participate. Participants must be 21 years of age or above.

Successful applicants desire skills, experience, information and networks to support their community goals and commit to self-awareness and mutual learning within a cohort of their peers. Selected leaders must agree to consistent participation, respect differences among others in the program, and be open to new perspectives and personal growth.

The curriculum covers personal leadership, storytelling, strengths based assessment, coaching, giving and receiving feedback, group facilitation, foundations of racial equity, building on community strengths, organizing communities, courageous conversations, topical and place based learning, and Pierce County issues and power structures.

Resources are provided to fellows to help offset the costs of participation and make it feasible. This includes stipends, Leadership Development Account funds for self-development, matching grants for community projects and access to technology for all JFP activities.

The application for our next class of Jane’s Fellows will open on May 3rd, 2021. Please visit this page beginning May 3rd, 2021 for more information or email JFP Program Manager Necashaw Montgomery to be contacted when the recruitment process has launched.

Meet the Fellows

Jane’s Fellowship has engaged 87 individuals in Pierce County in their leadership journeys. Browse our most recent fellowship graduates, Class 8 (2019-2020), below and click on their photos to learn more about their work. Scroll right to see other graduates of our program. If you are a graduate and would like to engage with the Grad Network, please contact Necashaw Montgomery. We thank and honor all of our present and past fellows for your commitment to our community and our shared home.

Class 7


Rachel Wiley

Financial Education

Andrew Whitney

Community Engagement

David White

Immigrants' Rights

Florian Tamayo

Immigrants' Rights

Chris Paredes

Youth Ministry

Nan Nop

Elder Care, Youth & Families

Earnestine Felicia Mittan

Youth & Community Leader Development

Terrance McGehee

Immigrants' Rights

Wendy Martinez

Sustainable Farming & Trans Advocacy

Grayson Crane

Community Engagement, Education & Equity

Sheree Cooks

Environmental Justice & Sustainability

Sarah Kane

Class 6

Shajuanda Tate - JFP Class 6

Mass Liberation

Shajuanda Tate

Brogan Shell - JFP Class 6

Food Systems & Community Health

Brogan Shell

Becka Scanlan - JFP Class 6

Neighborhood Advocacy

Elisapeta (Becka) Scanlan

Melody Rodriguez - JFP Class 6

Education & Youth Development

Melody Rodriguez

Saiyare Refaei - JFP Class 6

Community Arts

Saiyare Refaei

Obe Quarless - JFP Class 6

Identity & Musical Arts

Obe Quarless

Rebecca Jeffrey - JFP Class 6

Advocacy, Equity, Empowerment & Community

Rebecca Jeffrey

Hannah Miner - JFP Class 6

Active Transportation

Hannah Miner

Hal Meng - JFP Class 6

Sustainable Foods & Community Resilience

Hal Meng

Contina Kemp - JFP Class 6

Youth Empowerment

Contina Kemp

Jonathan Jackson - JFP Class 6

Education & Nonprofit Management

Jonathan Jackson

Aaron Goodge - JFP Class 6

Homeowner Support

Aaron Goodge

Agueda Fernandez-Webster - JFP Class 6

Immigrant Health

Agueda Fernandez-Webster

Casey Bruinsma - JFP Class 6

Education & Equity

Casey Bruinsma

Tracie Bonjour - JFP Class 6

Neighborhood Advocacy

Tracie Bonjour

Class 5

Necashaw Montgomery - JFP Class 5

Equanimity & Equity

Necashaw Montgomery

Andrew Wright - JFP Class 5

Veteran Outreach

Andrew Wright

Ben Warner - JFP Class 5

Youth Sports

Ben Warner

Elizabeth Sparks - JFP Class 5

Community Building

Elizabeth Parks

Carmetrus Parker - JFP Class 5

Advocacy, Social Justice, Organizing & Education

Carmetrus Parker

Nissana Nov Revet - JFP Class 5

Social Enterprise & Community Development

Nissana Nov Revet

Annika Moran - JFP Class 5

Sustainable Farming

Anika Moran

Chris Lopez-Moreno - JFP Class 5

Immigrants Outreach & Development

Christian Lopez-Moreno

Yisrael Johnson - JFP Class 5

Youth Sports

Yisrael Johnson

Shalisa Hayes - JFP Class 5

Youth Empowerment & Violence Prevention

Shalisa Hayes

Immaculate Ferreria-Allah - JFP Class 5

Community Advocacy

Immaculate Ferreria-Allah

Jenny Coonc - JFP Class 5

Neighborhood Advocacy

Jenny Coonc

Michael Chansavang - JFP Class 5

Youth Ministry

Michael Chansavang

Class 4

In Memoriam: Food Access and Rural Communities

Holly Hendrick

Peter Williams - JFP Class 4

Education & Postsecondary Enrollment

Peter Williams

Denice Randle - JFP Class 4

Education, Leadership & College Access & Retention

L.Denice Randle

Kathy Martin - JFP Class 4

Community Engagement & Neighborhood Safety

Kathy Martin

John W. Levi III - JFP Class 4

Youth & Families

John W. Levi III

Nora Leider - JFP Class 4


Nora Leider

Derrick Keys - JFP Class 4

Prison Outreach

Derrick Keys

Rachel Johnson - JFP Class 4


Rachel Johnson

Marco Garcia - JFP Class 4


Marco Garcia

Class 3

Alaimalo (Ala) Talo - JFP Class 3

Youth Cultural Dance & Empowerment

Alaimalo (Ala) Talo

Eddie Sumlin - JFP Class 3

Youth Arts

Eddie Sumlin

Annika (Asma) Tschudy-Simmons - JFP Class 3

Women's Empowerment

Annika (Asma) Tschudy-Simmons

Rick Ross - JFP Class 3

Music & Arts

Rick Ross

Felita Poole - JFP Class 3

Foster Care & Elder Care

Felita Poole

Edie Morgan - JFP Class 3

Elder Care

Edie Morgan

Kate Frazier - JFP Class 3


Kate Frazier

Ben Cockran - JFP Class 3

Youth Sports

Ben Cochran

Holly Bukes - JFP Class 3

Animal Welfare, Health & Nutrition

Holly Bukes

Eve Bowen - JFP Class 3

Education & Criminal Justice Reform

Eve Bowen

Class 2

Susan Dobkins - JFP Class 2

Social Justice Ministry

Susan Dobkins

Roslynn Watson - JFP Class 2

Wellness & Mental Health

Roslynn Watson

Meridith Hatch - JFP Class 2

Disability Advocacy & Strong Towns

Meridith Hatch


Lisa Bowman-Macklin

Jimmy Quins - JFP Class 2

Youth Sports

Jimmy Quins

Frederick (J.D.) Davis - JFP Class 2

Youth Education

Frederick (J.D.) Davis

Youth Basic Needs

Diane Formoso

Youth Dance

Brenda Garcia-Brown

Youth Advocacy

Bashiir Abdul-Mu’min

Class 1

Youth Mentorship

Preston (Tony) Wesley

Lawrence Stone - JFP Class 1

Gang Prevention

Lawrence Stone

Youth Sports

Kristen (Krissy) Rehberger

Neighborhood Advocacy

Martina O’Neil

Jason Hulen - JFP Class 1

Youth Arts

Jason Hulen

Kelly Coughlan - JFP Class 1

Rural Communities

Kelly Coughlan