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Our Team

Our team works hard to connect with applicants, grantees and community partners in an authentic way. We start by listening to your vision. Beyond funding, we aim to serve as a resource for the good work happening throughout our community.

Board of Directors

Our board is governed by a committed and passionate group of leaders that includes multiple generations of the Russell family, as well as independent community representatives.

2023 Board of Directors – Left to Right, Sarah Cavanaugh, Ron Sims, Chris Rurik, Sarah Cleveland, Mimi Chau, Dion Rurik, Tim Cavanaugh

Evlyn Andrade

Josh Cavanaugh

Sarah Cavanaugh


Tim Cavanaugh


Mimi Chau

Sarah Cleveland

Investment & Audit Committee Chair

Rashad Morris

Chris Rurik

Vice President and Grants Committee Chair

Dion Rurik

Secretary and Jane’s Fellowship Committee Chair

Committee Members in addition to Board Members

Arianna Muirow

Grants Committee

Brandon Parsons

Grants Committee

David Rurik

Grants Committee

Amrita Vatsal

Investment & Audit Committee

Robin Wang

Investment & Audit Committee

Georgette Wong

Investment & Audit Committee