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FAQ For Grantseekers


Below are some common inquiries we receive about our grants. Still have questions? Please contact us.

The foundation does not fund overhead or indirect costs for colleges and universities. Administrative costs related directly to the project might be considered if itemized in the project budget.

The online Grant Portal is hosted by a separate organization and system errors cannot be resolved by contacting the foundation. Typically errors are resolved within 24 hours. If this time frame would cause you to be late in submitting, please take a screen shot of the error and send it to our Grants and Operations Manager.

Ask for what you need within the range provided in the grant guidelines. Please browse grants to see the range of projects and amounts awarded in the past. If you are invited to submit a full proposal, you are likely to discuss the requested amount further. We rarely fund 100 percent of a project budget. You should be able to show that you are seeking or have received other sources of funding. Other sources might include foundations, corporations, individuals, community groups, or others.

We prefer to award unrestricted grants, allowing organizations the flexibility to allocate funds as needed. These grants can be used for general operating support, including salaries, technical assistance, services, and programs, or any other expenses that align with the Fund’s priorities. Additionally, organizations may use the funds to support specific projects that align with our program priorities if preferred. Our funding aims to complement, rather than replace, the role of the public sector.

Pre-application meetings are not necessary. However, if you would like to speak with someone about your application in advance of submission, please feel free to contact our Grants and Operations Manager. If your application is advanced in the process, our program staff will work to schedule a meeting or site visit with your organization.

Yes. Separate project ideas should be submitted via separate Letters of Inquiry. If you have questions about this please contact our Grants and Operations Manager.

TRFF does not consider unsolicited requests for emergency funding.


Contact Our Grants and Operations Manager