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Moses Carter

Class 11

Moses Carter (he/him) was born and raised in the Hilltop Community. He is a single father and is currently in Union Local 242 working in Abatement and Demo Construction. For decades, Moses has watched his father create a legacy through Congo Productions (1998-2020) and now has taken the lead as president and CEO. Moses felt empowered to continue his grassroots experience, understanding the role of what it means to break the cycle and to be a mental powerhouse for the people he serves. With a deep-rooted commitment to positive relationship building and empowerment, Moses has dedicated his life to making a concrete transformation in the lives of people who are underserved. Moses recognizes the potential within each individual that he has the privilege to support and has advocated for equitable access to education, mental healthcare, and resources. By creating safe spaces for individuals or families to gather, organizing courageous conversations, and collaborating with multicultural organizations, Moses has successfully brought communities together to form lasting change.