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George F. Russell Jr. Fund

Enhancing family and building community.

The George F. Russell, Jr. Fund supports nonprofits that reflect the lifelong interests of one of our founders, George Russell. Internationally, George is an advocate for reducing wealth disparities and poverty, the promotion of free markets, improving cultural relations, and ground-level humanitarian projects. A native of Tacoma, Washington and seeking to reduce disparities at a local level, George’s most recent focus has been supporting basic community needs in Pierce and Kitsap Counties. Funds are distributed through a by-invitation-only program.

Focus Areas

Funding Basic Needs

Community Building

The fund supports nonprofits that inspire action through their willingness to work on important, challenging issues that address the basic needs of the community.

Enhancing Family

With a family-first mentality, the fund partners with organizations working on issues that have the most impact on families including hunger, housing, and education.

Photo Credit: Stewardship Partners