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The Russell Family Foundation Announces 2025 Interim Emission Targets

The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) has officially announced interim emissions reduction targets to be reached by 2025 as part of the Foundation’s membership in the United Nations-convened Net Zero Asset Owners Alliance (NZAOA). These 2025 targets are the first in a series of steps highlighting the Foundation’s continued focus on addressing the climate crisis.

To reach Net Zero by 2030, TRFF has committed to reaching the following targets by 2025:

Sub-Portfolio Emissions Target: The Foundation has established an interim target of 30% portfolio reduction from a baseline year of December 31, 2022, by 2025 (Scope 3, financed emissions), as measured by emissions intensity of listed equities and corporate bonds. The Foundation does not own fossil fuels and has low-carbon tilts implemented throughout its portfolio management strategy aligned with a revised Investment Policy Statement affirming our Net Zero commitment.

Engagement Target: The Foundation has set shareholder engagement targets, backing SBTi approved targets and net-zero commitments on the top 20 listed equity holdings by 2025. The Foundation will vote proxies and co-file resolutions aligned with net zero goals in collaboration with industry partners.

Climate Solution Investment Target: The Foundation has set targets to transition an additional 15% of its assets towards more climate solutions-oriented decarbonization technologies and nature-based strategies to reduce portfolio intensity by 2025 across listed equities, fixed income, alternatives, and private assets aligned with the portfolio emissions targets.

We have baselined our Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions across listed equities and corporate fixed income and are currently baselining emissions of private assets in advance of NZAOA guidance.

TRFF partnered with Carbon Direct to calculate the Foundation’s carbon footprint baseline and used this information to inform the interim targets.

“As stewards of our environment, we believe that a healthy planet hinges on our ability address the climate crisis”, said TRFF CEO Kathleen Simpson. “The Russell Family Foundation is fully committed to engaging with and being a resource for partners to drive towards meaningful change.”

For additional information, including learning more about TRFF’s commitment to Net Zero, visit