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The Russell Family Foundation Engages Sayer Jones As Consultant to Support Future of Impact Investing Work

Today, The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) announced the partnership with Sayer Jones, Principal, Occam Advisors to support the foundation’s goal to reach total portfolio activation by integrating all philanthropic tools for impact including regional investments.

In his role as a consultant, he will work closely with program teams across the Foundation to maintain and enhance the current aspirational portfolio program, build an investment opportunity pipeline, provide investment diligence and further integrate programs and investments.

Jones’ work with The Russell Family Foundation dates back over a decade, to the founding of Canopy, an impact investing peer learning cohort of leaders in the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

“Sayer has extensive regional investing experience, is part of our Canopy collaborative, and is a valued thought partner,” said Kathleen Simpson, TRFF CEO. “We are thrilled to welcome Sayer and are excited for his support in our regional and integrated impact investing work.”

Jones has 15 years of direct experience working with institutions and structuring and measuring the impacts of their investments. He led the regional impact investing practice at Meyer Memorial Trust in program-related investment and mission-related investment portfolios for 12 years, deploying over $50 million. He has chaired city and state boards focused on impact investing and managing public portfolios for impact. He has led investors in workshops to align social values with financial and cultural returns, and has experience as an entrepreneur, representing asset owners, and managing fund managers and consultants. Jones is also on the Board of the Oregon Capital Scan, which collects and presents data to identify gaps in Oregon’s investment ecosystem and guide economic development strategies to address those gaps.

“TRFF has been a leader in the impact investing space for over a decade,” said Jones. “The next step in the evaluation of the impact practice at TRFF is to refine the toolset and help bring others along in partnership with TRFF’s work. The challenge of using integrated capital and all of philanthropies tools to address specific community needs is the kind of work that keeps me motivated.”

Welcome Sayer to the TRFF team!