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Jane’s Fund

Photo Credit: Kendra Designs Photography

Building brighter futures in Pierce County and beyond

Jane’s Fund honored the legacy of one of The Russell Family Foundation’s founders Jane Russell, who focused her philanthropy efforts and volunteerism within Pierce County, supporting individuals and local communities. Jane’s Fund education grants have supported college access, persistence, and degree completion for underrepresented students in Pierce County. Jane’s Fund youth homelessness grants have supported the prevention of youth and young adult homelessness in Pierce County.

As of January 2022, given internal changes, TRFF has sunset the Jane’s Fund and Puget Sound grantmaking programs.

Photo Credit: Ganwich Media
Photo Credit: Ganwich Media


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Photo Credit: Ganwich Media
Photo Credit: Ganwich Media


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Focus Areas

Investing in Youth

College Access and Persistence

We supported low-income, first-generation scholars on their path to and through college by investing in programs that supported access and persistence, and provided scholarships.

Photo Credit: Kendra Designs Photography

Youth Homelessness

Success starts with stability and knowing where you’ll lay your head at night. We invested in programs that providing housing, shelter and other supports for youth experiencing homelessness.


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Education is the primary means through which we achieve upward social mobility. It is imperative that we provide all students with access and the supports needed to succeed.

Jonathan Jackson, Palmer Scholars

Diverse and adaptive supports are necessary if students are to enroll, persist, and complete college, and become contributing citizens in the future.
College can serve as a catalyst for broader change when diverse, emerging leaders are supported and equipped together to build more equitable communities.

Tim Herron, Ed.D., Degrees of Change