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Puget Sound

A Healthy, Sustainable Future – Together

We seek long-term, positive environmental and social impacts and we believe that honoring local community vision is key to making lasting change come true. Our commitment to clean water for Puget Sound is advanced by supporting a dynamic network of nonprofits, local communities, and government agencies.

Through our partners, we want to listen and learn from those most impacted by the issues, supporting collective efforts to brighten our region’s future.

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Keeping waters clean and communities healthy

Partnerships and Collaboration

We support organizations, coalitions and collaboratives pursuing coordinated, systemic changes to issues facing Puget Sound.

Protection and Restoration

We fund a mix of strategies protecting our estuary and its communities including public engagement, education, advocacy, strengthening regulations and policy change.

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Recovering Puget Sound is about people. We want future generations to experience the vibrant salmon runs and thriving orcas that are fundamental to our rich cultural and regional identities.
The rivers of Puget Sound are an important part of our shared history, culture, and heritage, providing a critical link that connects us with nature and to one another.

Wendy McDermott, American Rivers

An Independent NonProfit

Puyallup Watershed Initiative

The Foundation’s largest place-based investment leverages a new model for community-centered change by bringing together hundreds of leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses and government agencies to improve the health of the Puyallup Watershed and its communities.