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The Russell Family Foundation Partners with Braided Seeds to Support Environmental Education Opportunities for Communities of Color


Since its inception, environmental education has been core to The Russell Family Foundation. Hear from Kathleen Simpson, CEO of The Russell Family Foundation, and Ashleigh Shoecraft, Founder of Braided Seeds, on how sustainable investing is supporting environmental stewardship.


The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF) is proud to highlight the work of Environmental Education program grantee Braided Seeds. Braided Seeds is a Black-centered nonprofit committed to removing barriers to experiencing the wonders of the Pacific Northwest for the BIPOC community. TRFF’s funding has supported the costs associated with reclamation trips and summer internship programs.

We center Black youth and help them make their own connection with the land.

Ashleigh Shoecraft, founder of Braided Seeds

TRFF’s Environmental Education program is dedicated to connecting young people with the outdoors by supporting organizations that offer programs for young people that foster environmental stewardship, provide high-quality outdoor environmental education experiences, are inclusive and equitable, and that promote lifelong learning and an awareness of urgent climate issues. Through sustainable investing and grantmaking, TRFF strives to empower future leaders and contribute to a more promising tomorrow.

Over the past year, the Foundation has worked with Carbon Direct to establish a baseline of emissions and use that information to develop and implement a strategy to reduce emissions moving forward. In the case of TRFF, the reduction of carbon emissions has translated to sustainable investment to support community grants, including the one given to Braided Seeds. All of these grants go towards on-the-ground organizations that are dedicated to advancing community and environmental well-being.

With TRFF, sustainable investing directly supports the community and the ecosystem. Learn more about how TRFF is catalyzing climate action in the financial industry with Carbon Direct.